I’m starting this blog because I’m turning a new page in my life and want to keep track of it all!

Starting last Friday, I decided to go vegan. Here’s how it happened. My 1.5-year-old son wakes me up many nights at various times. To calm him (and me!) I usually put on a show on PBS while I change his diaper. So, I get to watch clips of various shows… and one of them I really started to take notice of was “Christina Cooks Naturally”. I’ve been quite an avid baker, and I always feel a tinge guilty when I make these unhealthy, decadent, white-sugar-white-flour-laden wonders for my family and myself. So when I saw Christina Pirello making these delicious-looking desserts in a healthy fashion (with her magic brown rice syrup!) I really started to listen.

Usually when something peaks my interest, I turn to the local library to read up on whatever it is. I love the internet and do lots of my research there, too… but somehow having a physical book to read makes me happy. So, I checked, and (sadly!) they had none of Christina’s books. But, they did have “The Kind Life” by Alicia Silverstone, who I had found on the internet via a cross-reference to Christina Cooks Naturally. And WOW. That’s really all I can say about this book. It opened my eyes in many ways, and after reading the book and trying her recipes out this past week, I’m totally hooked. She says to try going vegan for 1 month. I should say, not only “vegan” – but also no white flour, white sugars or white rice, no cafe… those to me are the biggest challenges.

The report after one week: I’m totally amazed. No meat, no dairy, no white flour, sugar or rice and I feel better than I ever have in my whole (almost 33-year) life. The changes I’ve notices thus far include:

– No more headaches (could be due to the cafe alone, but I suspect it has to do with a combination of no cafe and no sugars). I never had really horrible headaches, but a slight drone is the only way I can describe it.

– Way more energy. I have 2 (Update as of 2013: 3) small children, and running after them all day put me at a complete state of exhaustion by the end of the day. Not any more! Now, when I put them to bed, I have to force myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour because of all this energy.

– My breath is always pleasant. Not that I had halitosis or anything before, but I really just don’t have a bad taste in my mouth, ever.

– I’m constantly in awe of the delicious tastes that I’m eating! I love the food I’m making. There’s just something amazing about all this fresh, delicious food!


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