Channukah Latkes – Baked not Fried??

So, my mother is the most amazing cook. Who of course, being the best mother in the whole world, makes the best potato latkes in the whole world. When she said she was making them, I asked if there were eggs in them, and she said “of course, how can you make potato latkes without eggs?” I said I would try to find a recipe – and she then made a very good point. She asked “how will you have time to stand there and fry latkes with the 3 kids wanting your attention?” Very good question. So when I came upon this recipe from VegFamily, I thought I’d give it a try. They came out really good! I did add some olive oil to the mixture, because I thought to myself that it’s just not right to have potato latkes with no oil. I was afraid they would fall apart – but I used parchment paper, and they came off perfectly – very easy.

So, we had 2 potato latkes on the table – and my kids tried both. I think they were both quite a hit – however, of course being the best cook on the planet, I’m quite sure my mom’s won out on the “yummy” scale. But for sure mine won on the “which is more vegan” scale!!


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