Pesto (Basil-Walut) Pizza & Apple Crisp

Tonight I made a nice pizza using Whole Wheat & Honey Pizza Dough (you can use Agave Syrup instead of honey if you want to make it truly vegan) and a rendition of Fresh Vegan Basil Pesto Recipe (I added walnuts instead of pine nuts). I also mixed in some tomato sauce. Really yummy and filling – and fresh-tasting! I have a enormous amount of basil growing in 2 pots in my front, so I’ll be looking for lots more basil recipes in the weeks ahead. This one was a winner… and I made 2 doughs and will be freezing the other one for another “pizza night”.

For dessert, we had Christina Pierello’s Apple Crisp (I had no cranberries, so it was just Apple) and it turned out really good – very earthy, rustic and delicious. I used walnuts instead of pecans and it came out great – but I LOVE pecans, so I’m sure it’s even better as written! Even my father (who is a very meat-and-potatoes type of guy) ate it, so that means it’s not too wacky tasting 🙂


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