Starting The Day Off Right

I find life hectic and crazy most of the time. I’m trying to follow The Fly Lady, and although she always says “don’t feel like you’re behind, just start where you are” (or something to that effect) I always do feel behind. I have a pile of laundry waiting for me, kitchen to clean… etc etc etc. But today, I got dressed early, am in the kitchen by 6:15 and already have a batch of blueberry muffins (Christina Pirello) in the oven and am starting an Adzuki Seaweed Soup ( blog – great blog btw!) in the Crock Pot for dinner tonight. My thought behind this is to get all the food out of the way so I can focus on cleaning the house today. I think I’ll also make these delicious Vegan Agave Cornbread Muffins to go with the soup tonight – those are AMAZING, I’ve made them before.

Off to packing my little girl’s lunchbox, she’s at camp today. I already put the pasta they had for diner last night (made a tofu-spaghetti sauce that she couldn’t tell the difference) and I’ll cut up some veggies and put in a couple of those Blueberry muffins (I made mini-ones for the kids and larger ones for the big kids (aka me and hubs).


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