Lunch – Miso Soup

For lunch I made my first ever Miso soup. First, let me start by saying that getting “Mellow White Miso” from Silverstone’s book  was my first challenge. I had no idea what it looked like – dry, wet? and in what isle at the store? Frozen, on a shelf? I had no clue. Actually, this “lost” feeling applied to a lot of the ingredients from this experience – so many new things. I started by going to this “International Market” we have, and I had to ask the nice man at the front to help me with my list. When he showed me the Miso, he told me he had this one in a container but that it was for people who knew what they were doing, and that I should probably buy the pre-packaged stuff. Remembering what the Kind Diet talked about in this regard – that the pre-made stuff was no good, it had too much salt, etc. – I knew I had to risk it and go with the container stuff. So anyways, I made the soup using Kale instead of Rutabaga, and I had no leeks… but it still turned out pretty good. The piece-de-resistance was the Mochi. That stuff is awesome! Hubby loved the mochi, and couldn’t believe he could have as much of the stuff as he wanted, and that it was so good for him, yet tasted so yummy 🙂 Kids seemed to like the mochi, too – but were going slow with this healthy stuff on them… they had the regular food, too.


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