Breakfast Today

Today, being a lazy Sunday with the family, I decided to make pancakes for breakfast. I’m used to using whole wheat flour, but I typically use eggs. So today, I’m using a modified version of Christina Pierello’s Light-As-Air Pancakes. Because I usually use 1 tablespoon of sugar and there’s no sweetness in these pancakes, I just omitted the vinegar and replaced with 1 tablespoon and a bit of brown rice syrup. I made some with sliced (on the diagonal!) bananas and some with fresh blueberries from our local farmers market that I went to yesterday (that’s a whole other blogpost I need to write about: unbelievable place, I loved being there at 8:30, pretty much when they opened!).

The verdict: The kids and I had them with maple syrup, and they were such a hit I had to make another batch for when hubby woke up! (they only make 5 per batch, so next time I’ll double it, and freeze the leftovers (if there are any!).

Hubby and I had with Kukicha tea (as recommended per Alicia Silverstone), and I have to say – I like it, but I put brown rice syrup in it, and hubby said it tasted like “computer wire” (whatever that might taste like!). I think it has to do with the brown rice syrup and not the tea itself. I would really love to try her Cure-All Tea, but when I went to the health food store (again, a whole other topic of discussion! I loved it there) and saw that Umeboshi plums were $21.00 (yikes!) I think I’ll have to try it some other time.


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